If the WIDP S=Social L=Leader R=Relation I=InclusionC=Control A=Affection CONSULTING PSYCHOLOGISTS' PRESS C.P.P. Temperament By N.C.C.A Temperament By DiSC & Personal Profile System Myers Briggs Type Indicator Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis
  Profile Score is: (FIRO-B)(FIRO-B/C) (T.A.P) Tim LaHaye (DiSC)(PPS) (MBTI) (T-JTA)
  Demonstrated Desired I C A
S 0,1,2,3 0,1,2,3 I The Loner Melancholy Melancholy C Text Only Text Only 1
S 0,1 0,1 I The Loner Melancholy Compulsive Melancholy HIGH C Text Only Text Only 2

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